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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


1994 Cyber Glossary

Cybernaut - a veteran Internet user. Contrast with newbie.
Cyberspace - refers to the Internet.
Digerati - all the digital hip and cool people.
Flame - used to indicate a rude e-mail message or discussion.
Global village - refers to the Internet.
Hypertext - allows users to move around the world by a click of a mouse.
Information Superhighway / Infobahn - refers to the Internet.
modem - a device that lets your computer talk to other computers.
Multimedia - text, pictures, sounds or movies, used on CD or the www.
Net - short for Internet.
Netiquette - "rules of the road" for the information superhighway.
Newbie - a derogatory name for people who are new to using the Internet.
World Wide Web - also known as W3 or just the Web for short.
Hypermedia - media on a page that links the user to a web page by clicking.

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