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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Deb Wead Homepage

Can you move this picture of your website please. It doesn't belong to you
Remove my photo and link to my web site ASAP or your will be reported.

At your service dear Madame, we wouldn't like to be reported by a jolly fine artist like you! We would also like to express our deepest apologies if you feel like we in any way have abused your integrity. Best regards / Dead-Web crew
Please take down and remove my photo, my link and everything pertaining to my site ASAP.

Thank you for your kindness.

Why do you have my photo and web site listed on this page? Please remove everything pertaining to me and my web site ASAP.

Thank you.
Dear Madame, we can't see that we are violating anything by having a link to Your homepage. If You feel offended by this we can only recommend you to use another media than the internet (a network built up on hyperlinks between different "websites"). We don't know why we have published a link to Your site and we are not going to provide You any more information or services. We have already removed the image linked from your site.

The good news for you is that our blog has not more than an average of 3 visitors per week and the possibilty that somone would pay any attention to your link is minimal.

Take care out there! / D.W.
The photo is still there, even it is a negative now. I want you to remove the photo and link to the page.

I'm sorry, there will be no more actions on your behalves. If you disagree feel free to consult your local copyright laws. For us this matter bares no further discussion. If you continue we will be forced to block you from posting.

But please continue to visit Dead-Web! You are probably our most frequent reader!

Good luck!/ DW
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